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President's Fall Message


Dear SCC Friends,

As hot as it has been, I still hope your summer has been a good one.

We began the summer on a happy note by distributing $27,000 in scholarships. Under the financial policies and at the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Board approved a one-time discretionary increase this year from the requirement to distribute $25,000 to $27,000. The Project and Initiatives Fund, through Director donations, was able to distribute $1,000 instead of $785.

I am writing from Chautauqua, New York where we are again enjoying vacation. We arrived the day after the frightening attack on Salman Rushdie on stage. As others have said, it can happen anywhere even where you least expect it. It emphasizes how important freedom of speech and dialogue is for democracy. I am grateful to report that regular scheduling has resumed but there is more of a security presence, especially around main speakers and evening performers.

We have a wonderful line-up of programs for the year. The list is on a companion blog on our website, and you can link to it from the newsletter or from here.

You won’t want to miss these programs so, if you have not already done so, please send in your renewal form and dues. You should have received a letter in the mail with the renewal application. It not, contact Anita Meritt at 908-464-2540,, or Janice Hartman at 908-464-4464, for renewal information.

At the New Jersey level, Karen Brown has extended her term as President. Our own Karen Kaplan is now serving as Programs VP for New Jersey. At the national level, Gloria L. Blackwell is the CEO.

In addition, National has rolled out a new information system, Community Hub, which had a few hiccups but is running more smoothly now. It provides presidents, finance, and membership with group information. You can also login, update your password and then your information at any time (instructions are on the web site under the Membership tab). Of course, you always have the option of letting Membership or me know of any changes in your information.

For additional information on the national or state levels, go to the web sites.

State Website:

National Website:

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Fall Luncheon on September 10th and hearing the presentation by Melanie Cohn, Executive Director of the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. I’m also looking forward to the state-wide Fall Focus meeting on October 29 at Forsgate Country Club, which is near the center of the state. A bit of a drive for us, but I find these meetings are well worth the trip, and car pooling is always an option – and makes the day even more enjoyable.

As always, I hope that you will continue to support the AAUW mission of “gender equity and economic security” through “research, education and advocacy”. And to continue the SCC tradition of scholarships for young women.

Lynne Rogerson, President

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