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President's Message for Spring 2024

Updated: Mar 1

Everyone has been busy since the holidays, with lots of people working hard on many actitivites.

We have updated our Scholarship Policy document.  There have been many comments over the last few years about giving out some scholarships based on need or to a woman returning to school.  The Scholarship Policy Review Committee was set up to address these questions and has been working hard for several months.  First, on researching what other branches and organizations have been doing.  Then on making recommendations to the SCCF board on expanding the types of scholarships we give to include financial need and women returning to college after a break.  These recommendations were passed.  We will continue to give out scholarships to women high school seniors this year.  A question that was more specific about finances was added to the scholarship application.  Our three named scholarships continue to be merit based.  The three Summit College Club Merit Scholarships will be merit based but will also take financial need into consideration.  We also have work in progress with Union College, a community college, to be able to give out scholarship(s) to women who are returning to school after a break and have financial need.


As for scholarships themselves, our application forms have been delivered to seven high schools by the Scholarship Committee and will be picked up by March 7 and reviewed.  Jonathan Dayton High School in Springfield was added to the list this year by approval of the SCCF board.


The Program committee has arranged for Dr. Mary Segers to present a lecture on Patsy Mink on March 14, 7pm via Zoom.  Patsy Mink was the first Asian American woman to serve in Congress and played a role in helping to pass Title IX.  There is also an in-person Teatime concert planned for May 11th featuring cellist Quianci Liu.


The Book Sale Committee started meeting on February 6th.  They will be meeting weekly from 2/20 through 4/9.  Then on to collection and sorting on April 12th.  Keep an eye out for the Sign-up forms for sorting and cashiering that will be sent out in March.  Book Collection and Sale April 12 – 22. 


We have a NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders) candidate this year, Crystal Jong, who will attend May 30 – June 1, 2024 at the University of Maryland, College Park.  She attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and was a SCC scholarship awardee in 2022.  We have a committee to review Tech Trek candidates from Union County if we are notified of any.


There has been more talk about The Equal Rights Amendment this year.  The ERA has been ratified by thirty-eight states, the required ¾ majority.  There are resolutions in the House and Senate to immediately recognize the ERA Amendment.  Here is a link to learn about this and sign a petition if you want.


Also, please take the opportunity to introduce yourself to new members, Maria Tabone and Hildegard Bucking, to make them feel welcome (this can include an intro at the beginning of a Zoom meeting).


Spring will be coming soon!


Lynne Rogerson, President

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