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Interest Groups

Within the larger community of Summit College Club, smaller groups of members often gather to enjoy a shared interest.  Historically, members have met in study groups--on economics, political issues, or a language, for example; art groups--ceramics, creative writing, singing; and social groups--dining, bridge, travel.  Participation is entirely voluntary.

The groups usually gather monthly at a mutually convenient time. Some, such as the Book Group, have been meeting for years; others, such as the Film and Dinner Group, are relatively new.  Several have an especially fluid membership, welcoming any Summit College Club member to any meeting.  Any member may form a new Interest Group.   Note: All interest group activities have been suspended during the pandemic--i.e. most of the 2020-2021 year.

Playing Cards

Dessert & Bridge | Joan Murphy, Chair

Meets third Tuesday of each month, Sept. through May at 1:00 p.m.

Set Table

Couples Dining Group

Second Saturday of each month, lunch at member homes or restaurants, Sept. through May

Pile Of Books

Book Group

Meets first Tuesday of each  month, October through May at 12:30 for lunch and book discussion.

Pouring Water

Lunch Bunch

Everyone is invited. Second Thursday, November through June at 12:00 noon. We choose different restaurants each month. Any month you wish to attend, please contact Anita by phone or email by the Monday before the lunch date

Movie Projector

Film and Dinner Group

All are welcome - Last Friday of the month, October through May at approximately 5:00 PM for the film, followed by dinner. The theater and restaurant may vary by the month depending on what is being shown. For more information, contact Hedy Tukey.

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