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Join Us! 

Joining Summit College Club is a great way to meet other community-engaged women of varied interests who, together, want to support education, opportunity and equity for women and girls. We welcome all, men as well as women, with an associate degree or higher. Annual membership dues enable Summit College Club activities, and also support the work of the National AAUW. Members make a difference! 

Join for the Impact 

Summit College Club members work to make a difference here in our area. Throughout the year, we offer lectures, movies, and day trips celebrating women or informing the public about issues affecting women now. Many of these programs are open to the public and without charge. 


We are proud to support higher education for young women through our annual scholarships, funded in large part by our book sale. Each year, through an extensive outreach and review process, we select four to five young women from local schools based on their academic, extra-curricular and service achievements. We are proud that, over our history, Summit College Club has awarded nearly $1 million dollars in scholarships to outstanding young women. 

Join for the Fun

Summit College Club members participate in various activity groups – movies, lunches out, bridge, books, and more – based on personal interest and available time. Organizational committees offer opportunities to shape the activities of the Club and build or exercise leadership ability. Being a Summit College Club member can be as large or small a commitment as you wish.  


We hold a “virtual” monthly get-together to keep members connected, and periodic larger gatherings like our annual luncheon in September and our winter holiday party. There’s a strong social side to being a member!

Join to Support AAUW Nationally

As a member of Summit College Club, you also support National AAUW research, program development, publications and lobbying efforts. 

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