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Our May 2022 Outing to Liberty Hall

On Wednesday May 11, eleven SCC members and guests visited historic Liberty Hall in Union NJ to learn about the Ladies of Liberty Hall. We enjoyed a box lunch, and then a tour of the beautiful gardens. Liberty Hall was originally built as a farm by New Jersey's first Governor, William Livingston who also served in the Continental Congress and signed the Constitution.

Here's our group (left), enjoying the day! Notice the lilacs in bloom around us.

The women who lived at Liberty Hall, the Livingstons and later the Keans, were strong, hardworking, and patriotic. British soldiers were no match for them. How courageous they were during the American Revolution, keeping the British at bay! Over the years, they were eager to preserve the home and grounds for history's sake. The women married into aristocratic families; one married Benjamin Harrison before he became President. We found it interesting to learn about the meager pay of the female employees at Liberty Hall during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Liberty Hall's gardens have been designated an arboretum. The red tulips were majestic and the flowers in their greenhouse were glorious.

The copper beech, shown below, was just as glorious as the flowering trees. And the pear tree, below and to the left, is over 250 years old and is reputed to be the oldest pear tree in New Jersey.

Also what a treat to have met the current John Kean, a 93-year-old member of the Kean family. Such a charming, distinguished gentleman. Wouldn't you have loved to attend the Governor's Ball the next day? Several former NJ governors were slated to be there.

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