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Thanks to Troop 67!

Updated: Jun 12

Summit College Club member Stella Shen, who also served as Summit Scout Troop 67 Community Service Chair, has coordinated volunteer help on the SCC book sale from the Scouts for several years. This year, Stella led the Scouts from Summit Troop 67 in helping with our clean-up day. They were the perfect help, lifting boxes, collapsing tables, moving chairs. Stella sent a thank you note afterward that sums up beautifully why we all treasure this volunteering opportunity. Thanks to Leslie Carson for suggesting we share Stella's note.

To: "Troop 67Summit" <>

Sent: Wed, May 1, 2024

Subject: April community service: Summit College Club Book Sale event help was nicely done. Thank you!

Dear Scouts and Families,

Thank you for your outstanding support at the Summit College Club Book Sale on Sunday, April 21.

Your dedication and hard work in helping to organize the leftover books, boxes, and tables did not go unnoticed. It was truly inspiring to see the efficiency, teamwork, and cooperation displayed by our scouts throughout the event. Some of you even took the opportunity to indulge in some book shopping, which not only adds to your own reading pleasure but also contributes to the success of this important cause.

The Summit College Club Book Sale, which began in 1935 and has since been held over 70 times, holds great significance in supporting educational goals and providing scholarships for those in need. Your participation directly contributes to the realization of these goals and helps define the SCC organization for the public.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and dedication to this worthy cause. Your hard work and generosity will undoubtedly make educational opportunities possible for those in need of scholarships.



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